Jessica Sutton

Height: 1.67
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Brown
Accents: Standard American, RP British,
and Slavic accents
Skills: Proficient at horse riding,
dance and scuba diving

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2018 Motherland Tally Craven Freeform, ABC Disney
2018 American Monster S3 Becky Vargas Crime Channel
2017 The Kissing Booth Mia Netflix
2017 ICE Season II Carly AT&T
2015 Saints and Strangers Lizzie Tilley National Geographic


2016 Human Vortex Little Girl Matthew Harrison
2014 To being or not being Jenna Nicola Hanekom

  • 2018 Inside Man 2 Ava MJ Bassett
  • 2018 Escape Room Allison Adam Robitel
  • 2018 Bhai’s Café Stephanie Maynard Kraak
  • 2015 Finders Keepers Anja Maynard Kraak
  • 2015 Detour Brandy Christopher Smith

2014 Diploma in Advanced Acting for Film, from ACT Film Academy.
Continues her studies with Matthew Harrison at The Actors Foundry, Vancouver.