Sean John Louw

Height: 1,83
Eyes: Gren
Hair: Brown
Languages: English and Afrikaans

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Skeem Saam, IT Guy, Peu Communications


Puss in Boots, Tom Marzipan, Dir. Steven Stead
African Adventure,   Malcolm the Monkey, Dir. Zak Hendrikz & Jesse Christelis
Wild Coast on Broadway,  Lead Vocals, Fog Productions
Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime),  Dancer (Ensemble),   Dir. Janice Honeyman
Aspoestertjie,    Dancer (Ensemble),   Add Life Productions
The Wizard of Oz,   TinMan,    Dir. Francois Theron
The Revealers,    Elliot,     Dir. Francois Theron
Freckleface Strawberry,   Jake,     Dir. Francois Theron
Droomkind, Dancer (Ensemble),   Dir. Elizma Badenhorst
Hot Mikado, Pish Tush, Dir. Elizma Badenhorst


All Sports, Play Didgeridoo, Creating animals with Balloons, Voice Overs.